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Oct 10, 2017


As with the human evolution, properties have gone through rapid change as well in the past years. In the past, a home was essentially a roof over standing walls. Any room that needed to be added on could be done so later, any wires tacked on and any windows installed as the owner saw fit.

But now in the 21st century, a new house should be move-in ready with all the essentials already in place. Below are just some of the things that should can be expected of a 21st century house.


Soundproof Windows


A side effect of evolution is pollution. Sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution. So if you plan to live in the city, you need to ensure that your new home has soundproof windows if you wish to get a decent night’s sleep – otherwise you might be plagued by night time traffic noise and early morning bird calls.

You will need a soundproof home like this.


Eco-Friendly Homes


And if you live in the city, you can expect the cost of living to be on the high side. So what you will want to look into getting as well is an eco-friendly home. What this will mean for you are lower electricity bills and lower water bills.

Electricity bills are a concern, especially in Malaysia with its hot, humid tropical weather. If you turn on your air-conditioner at all times, you can expect to be slapped with a huge electricity bill at the end of the month. So you’ll have to find a home with good ventilation.

And saving water is also essential, as unless you live in Selangor and enjoy discounted water rates, you will be allocating a lot of money to water bills monthly too. This being said, you should have a rainwater harvesting system to water your garden if you have one. With a rainwater harvesting system, besides having cheaper water bills, you will also be doing your part in saving the environment!


Spacious Designs


Gone are the days where a house is just a square of space with offshoots to bedrooms and kitchens. In this era of creativity, beautiful designs and open spaces, homes nowadays are built to be as spacious as possible even if all is available is 600 sq ft.

Rooms are also no longer limited to just bedrooms – there are now study areas, utility rooms, entertainment halls, courtyards and family halls. And of course most of these spaces are open, for better ventilation.


The Et Cetera


Of course there are also all the other factors that makes a house a good home. Among the most commonly tooted ones are a great view – a good stress reliever after a busy day at work. Some developments like Bayu Damansara @ PJU 10 even go as far as to offer scenic views with their 30 feet full height window.

Other things that are important in a home nowadays is its location. Staying in a beautiful home is after all made even more beautiful if it is located in a well connected area. Better yet if the home is close to both highways and public transportation systems.


Overall, a good home should look like Bayu Damansara @ PJU 10. For more information about them, visit them here.

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