News: How to Give Your Customers a Better Buying Experience

Nov 14, 2017


One of the key characteristics of a good real estate agent is having satisfied customers at the end of the deal. Yet not every agent can talk to buyers like talking to their friends. This article will give you take-away points to enable you to have a better experience with your customers.


Have local knowledge


If you are selling a home in an area, you should ensure that you are familiar with the area. This will help you to have the confidence to show buyers various available options. It will be difficult for buyers to give referral if you are just a beginner or new in an area.




Give a closing gift


Nothing leaves a lasting impression on the buyer’s mind than a random act of kindness by the real estate agent. Once you have closed a deal with the buyer, you may give small gifts to buyer. It can be a small package as a way of saying thank you. In fact, it is customary for real estate agents to seal a sales deal with a gift for the buyer. You can choose to be practical or creative. This will please the buyer and who knows, it might open new opportunities like getting the same buyer being motivated to give referral.




Attention to detail


As a real estate agent, you not only need to be organized, but you need to have attention to details. Use your listings, capture the best photos and communicate to the client effectively. There are many changes that can be made by the sellers to the property hence increasing sell-ability of the property. Being keen to note the changes will enable you to impress the buyer to buy the property. Keep your appointment with the client and be convincing. The buyer will buy based on the strong points that you bring out about on the property. Learn to talk as if you’re talking to friends but the underlying point is that you should leave the customers satisfied at the close of the deal.




Be Tenacious


Nothing beats tenacity in a housing agent. You should always have your ears on the ground in case there is emergence of new, hot property. Being able to work hard without ever giving up is a strong character that will win you many satisfied customers.




Lastly, be polite but retain an aggressive attitude in your undertaking. Be in a position to promote the seller’s property as if it were your own.

Real Estate Agents must understand the importance of building a relationship with their customers in order to have a long lasting customer base or leads. If you find yourself struggling with getting quality leads or increasing your closing rate, come and learn from Raphael Wong at the REAL Estate to REAL Profits workshop.


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