News: Living on the Edge: Flats' Poor Condition Leave Residents at Wits End. City Council Urged to Conduct Thorough Assessment

Nov 7, 2017

With mounting complaints over the flats’ poor conditions, the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar has urged the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) to conduct a thorough assessment of the Seri Berembang low-cost flats in Port Klang to determine the extent of the damage.

Built in 1989, Blocks A, B and C houses over 300 units. However, the condition of the units was so poor that MPK did not issue its Certificate of Completion and Compliance.

“The condition of the flats was unsatisfactory from day one as there were a lot of cracks and defects even then,” said 50-year old resident Lokman Mahadi, who had been living in Block A since it was built.

“Initially, the cracks appeared to be minor but over the years they have grown to become a serious problem as they kept reappearing after being patched up, along with new ones.”

The Block C building, which was the worst affected, had partially sunk, while the cracks on the walls could be seen even from the outside.

S. Nagamah, who had been residing on the first floor, revealed that her flat was in such dire shape due to the cracks on the walls inside and outside her unit.

“I have repaired the cracks many times but they keep reappearing. And the ceiling looks as if it is on the verge of collapsing…I can only pray that the building will not collapse,” she said.

A. Balakrishnan described the conditions of the flats as almost “unlivable”, with the residents always worrying for their safety.

In fact, some sections of the building’s roof had been blown away, leading to numerous leaks. The water tanks are also in bad shape due to lack of maintenance, while the electricity control room was left unlocked, he said.

And while a lot of money had been spent by the residents on repairs and maintenance, those efforts were not enough due to the buildings’ overall condition, he added.


Image sourced from The Star.


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