News: No to High-Rises in Older Parts of PJ, Residents

Feb 8, 2018

With Petaling Jaya more interconnected now, the development of any new high-density project within one area would surely affect traffic as well as the environment and social aspects in another neighbourhood within the city.

Notably, seasoned neighbourhoods like Taman Paramount and Sections 20, 21, 22 and 25 would be affected when high-density projects are built in areas such as Kampung Tunku, said Petaling Jaya Utara MCA chief Tan Gim Tuan.

“We cannot ignore the social impact and traffic increase when high-rise developments take place,” noted Tan, who was born and raised in Petaling Jaya.

“The residents’ interest should be the one that matters the most before any high-rise development is approved, especially in the older parts of the city.”

Much like others living in the city, Tan feels that issues relating to over-development of transit-oriented developments are of major concern.

“I live here and I think I can speak from experience that I do not want it to be over-developed, especially in the older parts of the city,” he said. “The newer parts of the city can undergo development but when you bring in high-rises in seasoned areas, it adds to the stress of the locals.”

He noted that while some developers promise to build parks in exchange of a high-plot ratio development, the park will most likely be located on the rooftop – making it inaccessible to those living in the neighbourhood.

“How will this benefit the locals?” he asked.

Tan said plot ratios, which serve as a guideline, should be based on the neighbourhood’s dynamics.

“The council has all the power to decide not to give the full plot ratio. Any plot ratio acts as a guideline and is subject to conditions.”

“Every plan must take into account the surroundings, especially the neighbourhood on a whole. I am a strong believer that the city’s local issue must be handled well because this is what matters most to residents like me.”

According to him, when Petaling Jaya was declared a city in 2006, “it came with aspirations to be a liveable one”.

“I hope developments in the older parts of the city will be limited to ensure liveability.”

Image sourced from The Star

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