News: Verdi Residence: The Heart of Green Living in Cyberjaya

May 15, 2018


Cyberjaya is the science park of Malaysia and an expanding district of multinational companies (MNCs) and international global education institutions. The rapid expansion saw a massive increment in population from 55,000 in the year 2013 to nearly double in the year 2018. The number of companies in the district numbered 815 in 1H2018, 506 of which carry the MSC status. Added to the mix are 26 data centres – making Cyberjaya the largest national data centre hub.

The increase in knowledge workers in Cyberjaya has brought about a demand for homes that meet their expectations and since many workers are foreign, the demand for rental properties is booming in Cyberjaya.




Verdi Residence – Bringing the “Real” to Surreal


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Verdi Residence, situated within the 98-acre Symphony Hills township, is one of the most eco-friendly condominiums in Malaysia. Occupying 9 acres of land, 70% of the land is used for landscaping and facilities designed by the leading Malaysian landscape architect, Seksan Design.

The plants housed within the development were specially selected for their durability while the facilities were designed to blend with nature. The facilities that are scattered throughout the entire park can be viewed from above via the elevated walkway. Viewed from above, the park is aesthetically planned with maze and herb gardens, Jacuzzi stations reminiscent of Japanese onsen, wading pools and swimming pools. Surrounded by nature is the glass gym, outdoor exercise stations and many other facilities.

The residents are encouraged to partake in nature by offering community spaces in the herbs garden where residents can choose to grow plants of their choice and reap the fruits of their produce.

So green and well planned is the park that walking through it is similar to strolling through a pleasant forest with surprises and adventure hiding around every corner.


Living in Verdi Residence


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Living in Verdi Residence is analogous to resort living within a smart home of an intelligent city. While the homes in Verdi blend perfectly into its serene background, the interior cannot have a bigger contrast should the developers wish for it.

As befitting a home located in the Silicon Valley of Malaysia, all the units are fully fitted smart homes that can be remotely controlled through an iPad. Lightings and air-conditioning can be turned on and off even before residents reach home and the system is fully upgradable to enable control of other electronic devices in the unit.

Also installed within each unit is an intercom system with a small screen where not only can residents speak to the guards but also view their visitors before allowing them in.

Property buyers who choose to buy a unit in Verdi Residence will get to select homes from either of 2 blocks; 44 storeys (Block 1) and 45 storeys (Block 2) respectively. Block 1 and Block 2 will have 4 or 3 different units for buyers to pick from respectively, ranging between 700 sq ft and 1,442 sq ft for Block 1 and between 700 sq ft and 1,453 sq ft for Block 2. Type A units are the smallest units with 1 bedroom followed by Type B units which are 2-bedroom units. Type C and Type D are 3-bedroom units.

Every unit is designed with a wide frontage eliminating narrow living rooms and oddly shaped spaces. All the units either face north or south, avoiding the heat from the rising and setting sun.

Completed with CCC in the year 2016, buyers will realise the immense value of what they are getting when they purchase their unit.


The Residents of Verdi Residence


Surrounded by MNCs, Verdi is the ideal home for expatriates with its sleek yet down-to-earth design. In fact, majority of the current occupiers are Koreans and foreign professors from the nearby universities while local residents comprise of mostly pilots and air-stewardesses. Among the other occupants at Verdi Residence are also city dwellers from Kuala Lumpur wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Living in Cyberjaya


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Life is Cyberjaya is slower paced as compared to Kuala Lumpur and is a place for people who wish to escape the hectic city lifestyle.

The light traffic and the well planned roads of Cyberjaya eliminate peak hour traffic congestions. The closest shopping complex to Verdi Residence is only 2 kilometres away in the form of Shaftsbury Square and the popular IOI Putrajaya shopping centre is only less than 15 minutes away.


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