News: The Clovers: The Development that Changed the Landscapes of Bayan Lepas

May 15, 2018


Centred on the southern part of the Penang island is The Clovers development that has changed the landscapes of Bayan Lepas. This project that will serve as a central home for those who work on the southern portion of the island is a unique one that is shaped and designed after its name. Popular as investment properties are on the island of Penang as its number of touristic visitors increase yearly, The Clovers is one that defies the norm and is built to be a home for families instead.

The Clovers is a retreat of nature on the sea fronting island of Penang, with its landscapes covered with imported trees from Thailand. The main focal point of The Clovers is its nature, with focus on health for the modern family. Instead of relying on outdated designs, The Clovers is built to take advantage of its landscape and natural breezes.




The Clovers has as a result of its meticulous focus to details attracted many foreign buyers including Singaporeans and Hong Kong citizens who have bought this as not just family homes but as retirement homes. The majority of the tenants are however local Penangites who are looking for a luxury home without the luxury home price tag.

Setting The Clovers apart is not just its intent for buyers, but also the space it provides. Every home will be sized from 1,598 sq ft to 2,907 sq ft, with every one of them featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

As a well planned development, The Clovers is designed to set itself apart from the other high rises in Penang by featuring several unique features.


Privacy of Living




The term “bungalow in the sky” is commonly used in current developments, which some may be exaggerations. But at The Clovers, where these homes are already larger than many landed properties, the privacy it offers is especially unique.

The lure for many to live in a landed property is the appeal of their own private entrance without having to meet strangers – and often also the appeal of being able to drive right up to their house. At The Clovers, residents will enjoy the next best thing. Every home will have its own private lift from its own personal parking space, to their own units.

This means no meeting strangers, and literally taking a private lift up to your own doorstep. And to ensure even more privacy, the units do not share walls. With this design, residents are ensured that they will not be disturbed by external noises.


Unique Design




The Clovers is not only uniquely designed internally, but also externally. The shape of The Clovers was the result of much brainwaves when the architect and developers were attempting to find the best design to reduce corridor space for maximum usage of the private lifts, and also to take advantage of Penang island’s many exotic views.

After much time at the drawing board, the end result took shape in a development that enjoys 360 degree views of its surroundings; and when the developers realised that the building formed the shape of a clover, the design was further enhanced to represent the lucky charm. Hence the external view of the development forms pleasing flowing lines in shape of a clover.

The internal part of The Clovers is on the other hand designed based on a landed property. So what buyers can expect are straight walls, clean lines and spacious rooms. There are no straight and narrow living rooms when you enter the house; instead, you enter into a spacious living room that is properly separated from the kitchen, with the rooms strategically placed for the most comfort. The homes here are differentiated by their designs from other typical developments in the market, where the buyer will feel like they are living in a landed property but with the benefits of a condominium.


Seamless Connectivity




Design and architecture apart, The Clovers enjoys seamless connectivity to all parts of Penang via the trunk road of Jalan Tun Dr Awang. The Penang International Airport is just around the corner, and residents will also enjoy seamless connection to the Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah trunk road as well as the Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Highway.

With convenient access to these highways, residents of The Clovers will be able to get to the second Penang bridge, Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge, in under 20 minutes, and the capital of Penang, Georgetown, is approximately 30 minutes down the road.




Unlike most of the new developments in the market, The Clovers is unique also in the sense that it is a completed development. Buyers will therefore know for a fact exactly what they are getting when they buy their home, and what view they will enjoy.


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