News: Lavanya Residences: Holiday Home Made Affordable

May 15, 2018


Coming up in the Andaman Sea on the archipelago of 99 islands is an opportunity of a lifetime. In the Jewel of Kedah is an upcoming luxury holiday cum rental income development, that can make buyers a tidy profit while providing them a home on the white sandy beaches of Langkawi.

Priced from an affordable RM623,000 which translates to only USD160,920, the development of Lavanya Residences by Kobay in Langkawi is a purely a residential development fronting the beaches of Pantai Cenang – one of the most visited beaches on the island. Lavanya will offer villas, semi-detacheds, terrace houses, serviced apartments and serviced studios – every one of them with their own unique features exclusive only to that particular component of the development.




And exclusive only to the PropertyGuru x Kobay Gurudeals, buyers will for a limited time period be able to obtain a 21%+2% discount on the upcoming Vogue Suites of Lavanya Residences. Below would be a detailed narrative of the components of Lavanya.


Vogue Suites


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Perhaps one of the most exciting components of Lavanya is the Vogue Suites, which may be better known as the serviced studios. Sized from 484 sq ft to 1,065 sq ft, every one of them comes with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

This component of Lavanya in particular will enjoy double loading units, hence buyers will get to select units that comes with choice views of either the sea or the mountains. And the features exclusive to only the Vogue Suites are as follows:


Fully Furnished


Vogue Suites will be completed fully furnished and in a move-in condition. To all extents and purposes, these suites may act as hotel rooms, as they will be well managed – which brings us to our next exclusive feature.


Run by an International Hotel Chain


Buyers would not be wrong in believing that they are purchasing a hotel unit on the beautiful island of Langkawi, as Vogue Suites will be run by an international hotel chain. This means that owners of the Vogue Suites will not even have to source their own tenants should they wish to rent their units out, as everything will be taken care of – including collection of rental and maintenance of the unit.


Guaranteed Rental Returns for 3 Years


And to give buyers peace of mind, the entirety of Vogue Suites is promised a guaranteed rental return of 7% per annum for the first 3 years upon its completion. Subsequently, the projected returns are estimated at between 5% to 6% per annum, a conservative estimation based on the rental rates and returns of hotel developments in the area.

Overall, if you wish to make a tidy side income from its rental when you are away, the Vogue Suites will be for you.


Signature Suites




Signature Suites is the other within Lavanya, and will cater toward larger families and holiday home seekers. Otherwise known as serviced apartments, the units within Signature Suites will be sized between 1,227 sq ft and 2,755 sq ft, where every unit will come with a minimum of 2 parking bays.

As unique to Lavanya, the Signature Suites component of Lavanya carries its own signature trademark features.


Single Loading Units


Single Loading Units is a layout that will enable residents to enjoy 360 degree views of their surroundings. They will enjoy unparalleled views of the surrounding sea, mountains and villas from different spots of their homes. And with this layout, privacy between tenants is also higher as there will be no unit opposite them. As of the time of writing, all the penthouses have been taken.


Sports Car Mania Home


As Langkawi is a duty free island where you can buy a Lamborghini for only RM1 million instead of RM2 million, the number of sports car features allocated at the car parking built and allocated to the owners at Signature Suites may be its most attractive selling point.

Signature Suites will have a special ramp constructed for sports car to cater to its lower body, and the parking lots are designed to be wider to cater to the width of sports car as well. While these two features may be interesting, the next two is what will appeal most to buyers.

The parking podium is fully enclosed and are mechanically ventilated, and while the entire floor is CCTV monitored, luxury car owners can opt to install additional CCTVs into their parking lot so that they can view their car from anywhere at anytime. And power points will be available for the owners to trigger their car’s battery to ensure that the battery will not go flat.

While the GRR option is exclusive only to Vogue Suites (serviced studios), owners of Signature Suites (serviced apartments) can opt to get the international hotel chain that runs Vogue Suites to manage their units and rent them out as well. This can be especially lucrative during peak tourist seasons.






The 37 units of villas of Lavanya is almost fully sold out at the time of writing, with only 12 units left available. These landed properties comprise of three storey bungalows, semi-detacheds and double storey terrace houses.


Private Pools for Every Home


Every landed property at Lavanya comes with its own private pool. So in addition to the sea just behind Lavanya, residents can also enjoy soaking in the privacy of their own home.


Exclusive only to the Premium Villas


And while fully sold out, perhaps one of the features that may have contributed to its popularity is that the premium villas come with their own private lifts within the houses – adding on to its exclusivity.


Owning a home on the Jewel of Kedah




There are many reasons why a buyer would own a property on the Langkawi island, including but not exclusive to, buying a property as a retirement home, a holiday home or an investment property. And among some of the reasons why Langkawi is famous as a holiday spot is as expected, because it is a duty free island where white sands, blue seas, cheap booze, and tax free imported cars await.

And again there is the fact that the island is a beautiful spot for snorkeling, and is also a way to get to Koh Lipe and the many small islands around. The 3 marinas on the Langkawi island ensures that there is always space for docking private cruises, and for air travel, there is parking at the Langkawi International Airport for private aircrafts.

And perhaps one of the most attractive points of buying a home on the Langkawi island is that the island enjoys UNESCO Global Geopark status. With this status and the nature of the surrounding landscape, new developments on the island are limited.


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